Never Coast [#flywheel]

When I first heard about FlyWheel, I thought, it can’t be that different than other spin classes. I taught spin in college. I’ve taken classes at more than a dozen different gyms/studios. So what’s so special about FlyWheel? I’ll tell you. In FlyWheel, I can compete with myself and with the other riders by watching the torq board and seeing where I fall in the class. The men and women are separated on the board, and participation is all by choice, and nicknames are used. While I am proud of my rides, and feel exhausted at the end of class, I quickly learned that the other women can kick my butt on these rides.

IMG_8176FlyWheel is a workout where you can push yourself to new limits. Each teacher has a different style of workout. Some like faster rides where you sprint until you’re out of breath. Others have you climbing imaginary hills until your legs feel like jello. And because each workout is so amazing, people keep coming back and paying large sums of money for class passes ($180 for 10 classes).


The teachers ride on a stage in front of the class which is shaped in a semi-circle. When the ride starts, the room goes dark. No one is looking around at the other riders, you’re focused on your own torq and RPMs. Rides typically last for 11 songs in the 45 minute classes (60 minute classes are also offered). One song is a break for your legs and work for your arms with weighted bars. Another difference in FlyWheel and other cycle classes.


In FlyWheel, you are given shoes that clip into your bike. Most classes at other gyms, you wear your own tennis shoes. The clip in shoe really gives you the feel of cycling. It can be tricky to get the hang of clipping in and out at first, but the stability of this is much better than riding in your own shoes with non-clip pedals. Have you ever slipped off the pedal and had it hit your leg? OUCH.


Towels, changing rooms, and lockers are also provided. With the lockers, you set your own code each time, so only you can access it. No worries if you forget the code, a master key does exist for those cases. When you arrive to FlyWheel, you check in at computers in the front. You select your bike when you reserve the class, so there’s never any waiting to see if you have a bike. You also have pre-loaded your shoe size and your shoes are waiting for you in a numbered cubby (matching your bike number) when you arrive.


The water station is a nice alternative to water fountains and allows 3 users to get water at the same time. I have to fill up at least twice while there. Whatever you do, don’t forget your water bottle when you go for class.

IMG_8181If you’re in the mood for new workout clothes after sweating through class, they have quite the selection and generally have a good sale going, too.


If you’re looking for a sweaty, excellent, indoor workout, check out FlyWheel on Providence road. Your first class is FREE (for both FlyWheel and FlyBarre). I tried my first FlyBarre class yesterday and it hurts to type this today but now I understand how all of the instructors have arms that make women everywhere jealous. It’s a free class, what are you waiting for? Here’s a link to get you started with signing up for your first class. Let’s ride together!



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