I scream, you scream…

We all scream for Elizabeth Creamery. Seriously, I haven’t stopped thinking about going back since our post-dinner stop on Saturday evening. And since we’re already hitting 90 degrees here in Charlotte, it’s definitely the season for ice cream.


There were several other couples and families visiting the homemade ice cream shop while we were there, enough to make it busy, but not crowded. My husband, mom and I scanned the cases, mulling over our choices. The sweet smell of baked ice cream cones wafted through the air and I may or may not have drooled a little on the case as I pondered which scoop(s) to get.


My mom opted for black cherry, which she claimed was “delicious.” My husband got the Reeses, which he devoured so I can only assume it was delicious. And per the usual, I couldn’t decide on one (and I have a sweet tooth), so I selected the cappucino and brownie fudge scoops. Brownie fudge was the winner of the two – I’ll definitely order it again. I think I’ll replace cappucino with the coffee flavor next time. This double scoop cone blew my mind!


I am absolutely smitten wtih this local, family owned and operated shop, situated just behind Carpe Diem and Passion8 in Elizabeth. It’s the perfect place to grab a scoop and go for a walk after dinner (or a pre-show snack if you’re heading to Visualite). The Kims make their cones AND ice cream. They also serve frozen yogurt and have a selection of toppings behind the counter for the fro-yo.


If you’re wondering about pricing, it’s very reasonable and much cheaper than your chain Coldstone ice cream. It was around $10 for our three cones (with one double scoop!). Definitely worth paying a visit to if you’re in the Elizabeth area, or even if you’re not. It’s worth the trip over. I can assure you that you’ll be screaming for more as soon as you finish your first cone!




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