Viva Las Chicken

I had an impromptu dinner date with a friend at Viva Chicken, and it was so good, I went back the following week for lunch with another friend. Ordering at the counter isn’t my favorite type of restaurant, but for Peruvian roasted chicken and fried plantains, I’ll do it.


From their website: “Our chicken is 100% natural, free range” and also, “Our plates, silverware, straws, cups and are 100% biodegradable which means less trees being cut down!” What’s better than an eco-friendly, natural food restaurant with reasonable prices and delicious sauces? (Not much, in my opinion!).


On my first venture, I got the Viva Chicken salad, which was good, but a little on the light side. My friend got the Quinoa Stuffed Avocado and I had dinner envy. Seriously, it looked so amazingly delicious.


I had the Herbal Lemonade (House made lemonade infused with basil, rosemary and mint) to drink and it was fantastic. I only drank half because I imagine it was filled with a fair amount of sugar.

On my second visit, I got The Great wrap, and it was great. Seriously, it was SO great.


I added avocado to it and opted for the medium and hot sauces on the side versus the mild that comes with it. I got the fried plantains as my side and they were the perfect amount of crispy and soft. Also, you only get 4-5 of them, so it’s a very reasonable portion.


The food is quick and delicious. The staff is friendly and helpful. And if you’re nosey like me, you can watch them pulling the roasted chickens out of the oven and they will get out of your way for pictures.


Side note: they get quite busy at lunch time but do a good job of getting tables cleaned off as soon as someone leaves. They also have a really adorable covered outdoor area that’s pleasant to sit in on nice days.


If you’re in the Elizabeth neighborhood, I recommending stopping in for lunch, or even a to-go order. Also, while you’re in Elizabeth, you should grab some dessert from Elizabeth Creamery, then you’ll have the best day/meal ever. Cheers!



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