Nikko Nom Nom Nom

Nikko has been one of my favorite sushi places since arriving in Charlotte. As long as you don’t go on Friday nights, you can have a pretty peaceful dinner. On Fridays, it gets a little rowdy with tambourines, club music and lights. We went for dinner on a Sunday and the place was practically empty.


Normally, I would recommend a reservation but I don’t think it was needed that night.


We each ordered a martini to start with and the shrimp rolls. They were pretty good (although too hot to eat upon arriving at our table). I would have selected a non-fried dish but our waiter recommended these.


For our meal, we decided to split three rolls. They were all delicious but I would probably choose something other than the spicy tuna next time. That’s our “go-to” roll but Nikko offers so many special rolls that it’s worth stepping outside the box.

VIP roll

Those jalapeños were as hot as they look. Luckily, our waiter made sure our waters were ALWAYS full.

Dragonfly Roll

Three rolls were the perfect amount for two people to split (plus the appetizer). It was kind of nice to have the place to ourselves too and all of our waiter’s attention. This was by far one of my more enjoyable experiences at Nikko.


I will say that it’s a fun place to go with groups of 6-8 people. That’s a great time to try a bunch of rolls and you get to sit in the bigger, cooler tables. Make sure to let them know if you’re there for an anniversary, bachelorette, etc., they are great with surprise desserts.



4 thoughts on “Nikko Nom Nom Nom

  1. I haven’t tried Nikko yet but I’m hoping to check it out soon!! Spicy tuna rolls are also my favorite and go to rolls, but I haven’t been trying recently to branch out and try some specialty rolls.

    1. You should definitely go. Try to take a couple other folks and then you can share rolls. We tried the VIP roll and Dragonfly. The VIP was an excellent combination of sweet and spicy and the Dragonfly was interesting with the crunchiness from the tempura. Can’t wait to hear how you like it! Thanks for reading!

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