Passion8 Bistro

Passion8 has been one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte for the past several years. While the outside may lead you to believe it’s not fancy (an old brothel), the inside will surprise you with an intimate setting, creative dishes and a farm-to-table experience. While technically in Fort Mill, I would consider this one of Charlotte’s finer dining experiences.

IMG_2953They proudly list where their food comes from so you can be sure of where your food is coming from. They do try to get everything locally (seafood being the exception!). The chefs are amazing at creating dishes that you would never have imagined on your own, like peach gazpacho soup as an appetizer. Although they are famed for their calamari (it’s a must have on your first visit!).


On our last visit, I had the culotte and my husband had fish. We both devoured our dishes in a matter of minutes. They were THAT good.

IMG_2960I forgot to mention how incredible the cocktails are. The creativity certainly doesn’t stop with the food, their libations make you want to try one of each!

IMG_2954Never have we been to Passion8 and not had dessert. I usually opt for whatever is chocolatey on the menu and my husband goes for the fruit desserts. Neither was a disappointment.


IMG_2962I am so excited that Passion8 is moving from Fort Mill to the Elizabeth neighborhood in September and we’ll have this deliciousness that much closer to us. Go ahead and make your reservations now, once the secret is out, I think it’s going to be hard to find a table! Not many other restaurants can compete with Passion8; I’d put it on the same level with Bernardin’s, Halcyon and The Fig Tree.


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