Pisces (and I’m not talking about your horoscope)

Although we’re at least 3 hours from the closest shoreline, Charlotte has some pretty delicious sushi. I’ve already told you about Nikko and Ru Sans, and professed my love for strip-mall sushi (and take out) at Masa Sushi in South Charlotte, so today’s post is all about Pisces, near uptown in the Metropolitan shopping center.

IMG_7770The inside makes it feel elegant and classy. You really have your choice of restaurants in this shopping center, you can go for cheap with Zoe’s Kitchen or Revolution Ale House, or take it up a notch with Pisces or La Paz. We were thoroughly impressed with the inside. And somewhat amazed by the jelly fish in the aquarium.    IMG_7768There’s also a fantastic bar to sit at if you’d rather. And there are large tables to accomodate big parties. I think this would be a fantastic place to take a group of friends for a celebration!

IMG_7769There are a few TVs dispersed throughout, but not enough to make it feel like a sports bar. We started off with spicy edamame to share, and it did not disappoint!

IMG_7764We split three rolls which were MORE THAN enough for two people. The rolls were big but not as big as Ru Sans (which are sometimes hard to eat!). They were filling, delicious, and tasted like they were made with quality ingredients.

IMG_7766While this was a little expensive for a random weeknight dinner, it was worth it. I would highly recommend checking out Pisces if you’re looking for good sushi away from the coast. Also? The service is fabulous!


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