Roll Ten

Sunday, we chose to go bowling at Park Lanes instead of spending the day in the heat.


This was my first time inside the bowling alley and I was surprised at the modern decor!

PLinsideI was also surprised at how expensive it is to bowl. For 2 games and 2 pair of shoes, it was $33. We ended up tacking a third game on to that number. We also indulged in some NC beers while we were there. They do have servers that will walk around and take your order, so that’s nice.

PLsideIt was pretty busy to be a Sunday afternoon, so we had bowlers on either side of us. I was impressed with the collection of balls they had and how on top of the service they were. They had some really nice features for kids, in addition to the bumpers we all used as kids, they had a contraption that the kid could role the ball down to pick up some speed.

PLlanesMy only complaint was that our pins had a hard time reloading after a strike. They told me to use a heavier ball but that didn’t help solve the problem. Oh well, we had a blast, got nowhere near 300 and realized how much easier bowling is on the Wii.

PL hubsDefinitely worth checking out if you have a group of friends to go or just want to do something on a rainy day. Don’t forget your socks!



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