A central location for pints

On Sunday, we were starving and couldn’t decide where to eat. So after driving through NoDa, Elizabeth, and Uptown, we landed on Plaza Midwood and Pint Central (thanks, Yelp!).pc5

We had browsed the menu before going in and decided we would share some tapas. The beer list is overwhelming in a good way. Lots of local craft beer, lots of not-so-local craft beer, and then of course, your watery domestics.


We started with Beef Tenderloin and Chargrilled Brussel Sprouts. Can we say, “Yum”? They were both delicious. The sprouts were a tad filling when shared between 2 people, but the tenderloin was perfect.


We decided to get something more “meal” feeling for our second round. I selected the buffalo wings (8 for $8), and my husband got the sliders. They were both delicious, but the sliders definitely won that round. The wings were your typical wings (but good!).


I really wanted to try their desserts made wtih NoDa Jam Session (bread pudding) or Highland Mocha Stout (cheesecake), but since it was lunch and I’m trying not to be such a fat-kid, we skipped dessert this time.


Super impressed with this gem we stumbled upon. We’ll definitely be back and hope to enjoy some sunshine on one of their patios before summer is over!




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