Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

Friends lovers everywhere will rejoice in the naming of this quaint NoDa coffee shop. I’m pretty sure Phoebe Buffay has never stepped foot in Smelly Cat, but if she did, she would pull out her guitar and start singing in the corner.


Just across from Neighborhood Theatre, you can find a seat outside of this adorable local coffee shop. While I love my Starbucks, I have to admit that Smelly Cat was pretty darn good. I love how charming the storefront is and that they have a bucket of dog water out in front. The baristas were friendly and the service was quick.


The decor is whimsical and perfectly place, with exposed brick on the walls. Not in the mood for coffee? I also spotted beer on the counter (however, it was 9 A.M. on Sunday morning and I think order one of those would have been frowned upon!).


We ordered our coffee to go and decided to walk around NoDa for a few. Coffee is also available in the Evening Muse (Daily Grind) and at the new Aussie coffee shop, Ozpresso.

smellycat1For less than coffee at Starbucks and with double the charm, I have to vote for Smelly Cat. Supporting local businesses is key to helping neighborhoods like NoDa (with no (true) chain restaurants)  survive. So be cool, drink coffee at Smelly Cat next time you’re in the neighborhood!



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