Hanging out at Heist

Breweries have been popping up all over the city, and most have their beer served in other restaurants. Heist is a little different in that regard, as they only serve their beer at their restaurant. Not that that’s a bad thing. The food they serve to accompany the beer is deeee-licious!

IMG_2916They recently added a new outdoor seating area with umbrellas and T.V.s, but it was raining last night so we sat inside. I will say that the service is hit or miss, but last night it was pretty good. The food generally comes out in pieces and not the whole table at one time which can be a little frustrating if you’re there with a larger (any more than one) party. Generally though, it’s worth the wait!


We ordered the Capresi to share as an appetizer. The vinaigrette, mozzarella and basil were perfection. The dish was supposed to have heirloom tomatoes but we really got just a couple (literally 2) slices of a vine ripened tomato. As a lover of those sweet red fruit, I was disappointed in the stingy-ness on this dish.

Salmon Belly Tacos
Salmon Belly Tacos

My husband got these tacos for dinner – and yes, they are really that small. However, paired with the appetizer (and a filling IPA), he was fine. He also gobbled them up faster than I could snag a bite, so I’ll have to take his word on it being “the best dish” he’s had at Heist.

Wings (duh)
Wings (duh)

I was craving wings (or wing sauce) last night, so I opted for these guys. Let me tell you, these are NOT to be eaten on a date. Not even if you’re sharing. Not even if you’re just having one. They are messy and huge and have I told you how delicious they are? I’m a fan. You get 4 of these guys and they are filling, no need to add anything else to your meal if you’re going with the wings.

We visit Heist fairly regularly. It’s convenient, most of the time you can get a seat, and they switch up their menu/beer often enough to keep it interesting. I’ll recommend their flatbreads, their BLTC and their INCREDIBLE tofu, if you’re not quite the wing lover that I am. Check it out and try a flight of their beers if you can’t decide on just one.


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