Run Charlotte

It came out this week that Charlotte made a list of the Worst Cities for Recreation. I was slightly astounded by this article because we have greenways; we have run clubs;  we have races almost every weekend; we have trail runs; we have biking teams; we have the Whitewater Center; we have crossfit gyms popping up in every empty warehouse, so how can this be?


Sure we aren’t a big-city where everyone walks or uses public transportation, but some do! With the lightrail extension over the next few years, hopefully this will increase. However, from an active person’s point of view, Charlotte is very active and provides opportunities to be active. There are 3 parks within a mile of my house. Once a week, a group of neighbors get together to play softball. Runners, walkers and bikers constantly go by my house.

FlywheelGranted, you have to choose to be active and to use the recreational spaces provided but I have to disagree that Charlotte is one of the worst. Here are a few options for ways to get active in Charlotte:

NoDa Brewing Run Club
Triple C Run Club
24 Hours of Booty (July 25-26)
Whitewater Center
Free Fitness Classes at Romare Bearden Park

Check out the rest of the list and let me know what you think. Should Winston-Salem have beaten us out?


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