Charlotte in the Major Leagues

As previously mentioned, the Charlotte Knights are now playing baseball in uptown. For a while, there was discussion around this being a major league stadium and bringing in an MLB team to Charlotte; however, that obviously wasn’t the outcome and we now have a minor league stadium in uptown. We do have major league teams for both football and basketball, and also a hockey team, Charlotte Checkers.

Bank of America StadiumThis year, Bank of America Stadium, where the Carolina Panthers play, received a facelift and some handy-dandy escalators. In addition to making it easier for fans to get to their seats, the sceen sizes were increased so you should have NO problem seeing the scoreboard. While this is exciting, the more exciting news in Charlotte is the buzz around the return of our beloved Hornets.


The Hornets left Charlotte after the 2002 season and the Bobcats franchise entered. While people backed the Bobcats, it was never the same as the Hornets. Fans weren’t as invested, seats weren’t full, and well, even having Michael Jordan courtside didn’t do it for the Bobcats. From the first rumblings of bringing the Hornets back, Charlotte went crazy. I haven’t heard a single person who wasn’t on board with this idea. Welcome back, Hornets, we are so very happy to have you.


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