When you can’t get to Vietnam…

Lang Van is your next best bet when you can’t get to Vietnam and you’re craving Vietnamese food. Located in Eastland and not looking fancy from the outside, you (and your tastebuds!) will be pleasantly surprised upon entering the building.

IMG_3941It was packed on the night we went (and I’ve heard this is common), so we had about a 5-10 minute wait (not bad!). We were seated in a comfy booth, immediately greeted and provided with water. One thing you can be sure of at Lang Van is that you will never go without water.

IMG_3944We ordered a summer roll appetizer which came quickly and was delicious. You could tell it was freshly made because the shrimp inside it were warm.


I ordered beef Pho and my husband ventured out to get a hot pot.


IMG_3949IMG_3946We both asked for medium spices and the dishes were definitely spicy. I was grateful for the always-full water glass. We didn’t save room for dessert, but we were presented with treats anyway when the check came.

IMG_3950While my favorite Vietnamese restaurant has been Viet-Thai Noodle House in Pineville for the past several years, Lang Van definitely gives it a run for it’s money and is also closer to my home. Very pleased with the food and service, we’ll definitely return!


3 thoughts on “When you can’t get to Vietnam…

      1. I really like the pho and bun at Pho Hoa, surprisingly, I took to tripe and it’s quite tasty!! The standard steak ones are great too. Pho Hoa also has incredible bubble tea. I really want to try banh mi at Le’s in the Asian Corner Mall but haven’t made it over there yet.

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