The best bottle

IMG_5352As a lover of craft beer, places like Good Bottle on South Blvd. excite me. Not only can you purchase individual bottles at Good Bottle, you can get beers right there and drink them in the store at one of their two bars.

IMG_5341On this particular trip, we were on the hunt for pumpkin beer, because who doesn’t love pumpkin beer in the Fall? The selection is almost overwhelming, although it is organized well by type of beer (wheats, pilsners, stouts, etc.).

IMG_5340I love that Good Bottle proudly supports local brews, as well as craft beer across the state. Although, I must say, we have some of the best breweries right here in Charlotte (NoDa, Birdsong, OMB, Unknown…).

IMG_5349And how cool are these cans?

IMG_5345With so many options, you’re likely to leave with more than just a six pack, but at least you can mix it up. Most of the beers are reasonably priced between $1.50-3.00; however, some of the larger bottles and/or specialty bottles can be quite expensive, more in the $6.00-13.00 range.

IMG_5347There isn’t food available in the store, so if you’re planning on drinking, you might want to stop by Mac’s across the street before you arrive, or grab a sub from Penn Station (in the same set of buildings).

IMG_5346If you’re looking for variety, this is your best bet. It kicks Harris Teeter’s butt, and Trader Joe’s, too. None of the bars offer this many options either. So, next time you’re having people over, or want some new brews for football watching on the weekend, check out Good Bottle, you won’t be disappointed.


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