90’s Night!

Decked out in denim and sunflowers (my husband in a Nirvana shirt and ripped jeans, my friend in flannel) we ventured out for Discovery Place’s Science on the Rocks (#SOTR) night last Friday. The theme this week was 90’s Throwback and was complete with 90’s music, plenty of flannel and even 90’s trivia (think Friends, Homeward Bound and Bill Clinton). Science on the Rocks is basically adults night at Discovery Place and alcohol is served (must be 21+ to attend).

IMG_3610Upon entering, we were given slap bracelets and pointed in the direction of one of the four bars. The bars upstairs were rather crowded but downstairs was pretty empty.

IMG_3626It was pretty neat to see this place at night and not crawling with kids. Although, there were definitely some “adults” who could have passed for children. The biggest attraction was the bed of nails…



Which was far more exciting than the Air Chair…

IMG_3603It seemed exciting but the release was slow and disappointing. Giant pong was being played in the middle of the floor, which brought college memories flooding back to us all. Except this actually required skill to sling it into the bucket.

The rope climb was fun with stations for “hard”, “harder” and “hardest” (which was actually pretty darn hard!).

IMG_3577Giant tug-o-war was also available, as well as a disc-toss (remember all those AOL CDs you used to get in the mail?).

IMG_3620We did actually venture around and try to “discover” new things. We built a structure that could withstand an earthquake without TOO much structural damage, and checked out the cyborgs…

IMG_3588Throughout the night we kept hearing sporadic and LOUD booms. We finally made our way over to the corner were Ace Ventura was serving liquid nitrogen wine slushies. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it was delicious.

IMG_3608I highly recommend checking out Science on the Rocks next month when it’s offered. It’s a great Friday-night date-night idea, and you’re right uptown so you can grab a bite to eat afterwards.

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