Tacos and Tequila

Bakersfield on East is one of Charlotte’s newest (and best) spots for delicious tacos. This industrial spot is surprisingly large inside, with a wrap around bar for all of your whiskey and tequila needs. Old garage doors open onto East Blvd. letting in air and light on warm summer days. It’s as amazing as it sounds.


The menu is a la carte and the tacos, while filling, are small. The average person probably needs at least 3 to consider it a meal. Chips and salsa are considered an appetizer and not free. I actually thought this was a good thing. Sometimes you eat so many chips before your meal comes out that you’re stuffed. If you aren’t just handed chips and salsa then you can’t do that. Personally, I didn’t splurge on the appetizer and saved all the room in my belly for tacos.


The tacos come out ‘family style’ on a plate, making for a pretty display and the corn tortillas are made in house. Adding a salad or side of beans to the taco order will help with making it a complete meal.


Habenero hot sauce and pickled jalapenos are extra, but worth it. The jalapenos weren’t super hot (for me), but the hot sauce was the real deal. The Cochinita Pibil had the habenero sauce on it and was DEFINITELY spicy. The waitress was nice enough to tell me how hot it was and confirm it was what I wanted to order before placing the order.


The draft beer selection is slim, but there are plenty of bottle options. Or you can just go for the margaritas which will compliment your tacos perfectly.


Parking can be tough on East Blvd, but Bakersfield offers free valet just across the street. Definitely recommend checking out this hot spot with friends and enjoying a wonderful Tex-Mex meal in Dilworth. Lots of good seating for parties and events, or just a date night. Order one of each taco, your palate will be delighted.



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