Come hungry, leave happy [Zada Janes]

I now understand why Zada Janes‘ website says that breakfast is their “forte.” I experienced their breakfast for the first time this morning and wasn’t disappointed. The adorable restaurant stands in Plaza Midwood, just off of Central Ave.


We arrived shortly after 9 A.M. with a party of three. We had to wait about 25 minutes for a table (they open at 9, clearly people were banging down the door to get in!). We looked around at the David French paintings that are hanging everywhere while we waited for our table.


Roosters are another favorite in the decor of Zada Janes. I also have to imagine that ECU fans would be rather happy sitting in the purple and gold painted restaurant.


There are booths, tables and bar seating available. The bar is first come, first serve and a perfect place to grab a cappuccino or espresso.


Pretty much any caffeinated beverage your heart desires can be made, including pumpkin flavored drinks. Yes, even Zada Janes is on board with pumpkin everything.


Having no idea about the portion sizes, we each ordered our meals blindly. I chose the South of NO North omelet (similar to a Southwestern Omelet) and added tomatoes and spinach. It also came with cheesy grits and a fluffy biscuit.

IMG_6718Our friend got the Booker T’s East Side Hasher, which consisted of sausage, sweet potatoes and eggs. And cheese. Lots of cheese. Also a fluffy biscuit.

IMG_6715My husband got the East-Westerner, a meatless curry breakfast dish with tofu and veggies. Biscuit included.


Laughably, we each ate just over half of our dishes. They were gigantic portions and could easily be shared. That being said, if I went and was starving, I could have probably devoured it. Or at least more of it. Everything was absolutely delicious and pretty fast considering how busy they were. When we left, there were at least 10 people waiting on tables.

I highly recommend checking out this local spot for breakfast, especially if you have guests in from out of town. It’s a great way to show them Charlotte and fill them up while you’re at it. We’ll definitely go back (as soon as we work up our appetites again!).


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