1,000 Point Dinner

I wrote about Nan & Byron’s once before, after having dined there during Queen’s Feast and having a pretty tasty PB&J for dessert. We both loved the environment, the service and the food.


Last night, we decided to go back and see what dinner tastes like on a regular night. Oh, and we racked up 1,000 Open Table points for our 5:45 (early bird) special. IMG_6275I ordered the Dancing Cranberries (prosecco) and my husband ordered a Re-Fashioned. Both were so delicious we drank those glasses dry.


We hopped right into dinner but not before munching on popcorn that was brought out. Why is it so hard to resist popcorn??

IMG_6267There were several dishes that got my taste buds buzzing, but I settled on the scallops with brussels sprouts. I was SUPER close to choosing the pork chop with fried jalapenos and pineapple…. next time, definitely next time. IMG_6271My husband chose the tuna with tofu and edamame. While I didn’t try the tuna, I did take a bite of his tofu which was delicious.

IMG_6270I was surprisingly full after dinner and passed on dessert (a rare occasion in my life). We both really enjoyed our dinners but agreed the scallop dish was the better of the two. Overall, we greatly enjoyed our second experience at Nan & Byron’s and will definitely be back! You should check it out for a fun date night!


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